Real Estate Development Is a Bit Like War Planning With Ian Jones, MRICS

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Ian Jones, MRICS
Ian Jones, MRICS

Born in Glasgow Scotland, resides in Toronto, Ian Jones, MRICS, President of BGI Group,, comes with 50 Years of Real Estate Development and has Survived 5 Recessions.

Now, Ian is focusing on the “Forgotten Middle” and is building Senior Living for a nonprofit.

“Real Estate Development is a bit like War Planning.”

With Ian Jones, MRICS

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Ian has 50+ years in Construction and Development of large scale RE Projects – Canada and USA

Specialties: Development of large scale Real Estate projects from concept to completion
1) Land; 2) Planning & Design; 3) Sales & Marketing; 4) Legal & Financial; 5) Construction; 6) Asset Management

BGI are Developers, Development Managers, Development Advisors, Project Managers, Construction Managers.

PODCAST appearance on at ‘Real Estate Development is a bit like War Planning…’, also available on YouTube via uploaded Oct.10, 2019

“​Make no little plans. They have no passion to stir men’s blood and probably will not themselves be realized” Architect Daniel Burnham 1907.

Need help or advice.. – Ian Jones, MRICS, President –

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