Senior Living Silver Linings Found Amidst The Crisis – Part 5 of 5

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H. Brown
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The pandemic has highlighted the resiliency of the human spirit across humanity. Particularly through serving older adults, has made many people slow down and give them the time to think about what’s important in these crazy times, the genuine compassion, courage, heart, and knowledge of the frontline teams are incredible, especially given that they were entirely understaffed underprepared and under-protected.

It is the worst best case scenario. And there is tremendous pride in being part of a system that must keep going. Here are five of five conversations, and I hope that you will enjoy this recording of friends and industry experts share their silver linings.

Guest Speakers (Timestamps):
[01:02] Joe Anfuso
[06:19] Todd Andrews
[10:46] Nick Merritt
[14:36] Jake Rothstein
[17:09] Stel Valavanis
[21:28] Blair Quasnitschka
[24:15] Steve LaForte
[28:46] Michael Hartman
[33:36] Hanh Brown – Reflection, Summary, and Wrap-up

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