Adoption Of Technology Among Older Adults with Ravi Bala, Santosh Govindaraju, Sandeep Pulim M.D.

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In today’s episode, I’m joined by Ravi BalaSandeep Pulim M.D., and Santosh Govindaraju in Clubhouse. This is an audio drop-in app and it’s available in the Apple Mobile App Store. We discuss the topic of older adults, adaption of technology, its benefits, barriers, opportunities, and growth. The introductions are in the conversation. And I appreciate the opportunity for the discussion.

[00:23] Introductions
[04:30] With regard to technology for older adults, are there any other benefits?
[06:57] For older adults, are there ways we can do a better job to design technology so that it can be accessible to all?
[09:01] What other considerations should health technology companies consider when producing technology aimed at serving the older population?
[10:48] Do you have examples of how older adults are using technology to stay healthy and remain independent longer?
[13:03] With one-third of our country now 65 or older. What problems from this may arise that technology can solve?
[15:45] What are the biggest barriers to the adoption of technology for older adults and how can we break down these barriers?
[18:52] How has COVID-19 affected the development of technology for older adults? Being able to readily communicate with their loved ones, for example. And how will this technology allow them to continue to live independently longer?
[20:48] What upcoming technology trends are forming as a result of COVID-19?
[24:57] Hanh’s final thoughts: “Focus on making technology with purpose, people and possibilities in mind.”
[25:33] Question, answer, and discussion period with the audience.
[49:49] Ravi Bala: “I want a mission to recast this notion of aging to engaged active living with purpose.”
[50:05] Wrap-up

Learn more about each of the panel guests here:
Ravi Bala:
Sandeep Pulim MD:
Santosh Govindaraju:

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