Cate McCarty – Diagnosis of Dementia is the First Quarter of the Game and it has Much Overtime

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Dr. Catherine McCarty
Dr. Catherine McCarty

Catherine McCarty, PhD, ADC

Dr. Catherine McCarty is a Gerontologist and dementia coach whose clinical experience includes over forty years of creating quality of life for individuals with dementia.

Catherine has a broad range of experience in Long Term Care. Starting as a nursing assistant, she knows the value of personalized care when providing physical care. As a memory engagement specialist, Catherine applies passion for creating quality of life experiences.

Throughout Catherine’s Master’s in Thanatology and my PhD in Aging Studies, her focus has been on the best in memory care, always Creating a Thriving Environment.

Starting as a nursing assistant she learned the value of personalized care when providing physical care.   As an activities professional she has a passion for creating opportunities for quality of life.  Through years of nursing and activities care, she spent many hours at the side of dying individuals.  She has taken her passion and her commitment to improving life to include end-of-life care.

Catherine was one of the first graduates of the Master’s of Thanatology program at Hood College. Holistic care is her commitment;  conducting and translating research that enhances it is her mission.  In 2012 Catherine received a doctorate in Aging Studies from University of South Florida.

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