Shweta Shyamani – Healthy Ways to Manage Emotions During A Pandemic of Anxiety

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Shweta Shyamani
Shweta Shyamani

“I have worked with clients virtually for nine years and continue to do so through the current crisis. I can help if your team needs support navigating the uncharted waters of this unique time.

As the Chief Inpowerment Officer at Personal Point of Power Holistic Therapies, I work with high-performing professionals and organizations suffering with decreased performance, productivity or fulfillment due to intense stress, internal or external pressures, anxiety, or chronic pain. Inpowerment is about tapping into the power within us, whereas empowerment is bestowed upon us.

When an executive isn’t functioning at the highest level, the organization suffers. An executive experiencing overwhelming stress will not have access to creativity for innovation or problem solving.

Working individually with driven executives, I identify and mitigate negative beliefs and energy blocks, utilizing energy medicine, hypnosis, mind/body practices, and coaching.

Employees are also under pressure to perform and produce. Employee burnout and turnover have a high cost for organizations.

I believe everyone has a spark, but stress and anxiety can snuff out that spark and leave us feeling powerless, negatively impacting the quality of our work and our relationships.

For innovative organizations, I create programs that identify the underlying causes of stress and reignite employees’ spark to make a bigger impact.

From lunch and learns to onsite wellness sessions and retreats, I work with HR or management to deliver programs that give employees tools and strategies to combat daily job stress and anxiety.

I started my career working in financial services, sprinting to an executive-level marketing role. I generated success for my organization…but something was missing for me. Realizing I had a lot to learn, I pursued my MBA at Kellogg, became an entrepreneur, and then dove into training in alternative medicine. I now blend my formal education and business know-how with mind/body healing techniques to help professionals tap their inner resources, overcome anxiety and self-doubt and create personal excellence through my company, Personal Point of Power Holistic Therapies.” – Shweta Shyamani

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