Lessons Learned From Real Estate Operator And Educator Joe Anfuso

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Joseph C. Anfuso -  Chief Financial Officer at MG Properties Goup
Joseph C. Anfuso – Chief Financial Officer at MG Properties Goup

Joe Anfuso, Chief Financial Officer at MG Properties Group, a private real estate owned company operating about 20,000 units on the west side of the United States.  Joe is responsible for directing the financial and fiscal management of company Operations, including budgeting, treasury, tax, accounting, information technology, risk management, and insurance. He joined us on the podcast to discuss what he’s teaching in college, opportunities for the up and coming real estate graduates, simple steps to learning real estate and how to read the pro forma like a story.

A proven and nationally recognized Financial, Operational, and Customer Centric leader experienced in single and multifamily residential development in California and Nevada.

You can follow Joe on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-c-anfuso-1a734716/

Specialties: Residential and Commercial Construction, Restaurant and Hospitality Industry, Strategic Planning/Goal Setting, Acquisition Analysis & Financing, Operational Overview/Risk Assessment, Cash Management/Budgeting, Sales & Mktg Plan Implementation, Cost Control/Return Analysis, Land Planning and Entitlements, Customer Relations/Legal Review, Motivate & Mentor Team Members, Information Tech. Planning,Proficient use of Existing Tax law, Stakeholder Communication

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