Impact Of Behavior Acuity On Senior Living – with Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D., ABPP

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Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D.,ABPP
Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D.,ABPP

If you are caring for a loved one with dementia (or the hundreds of forms of dementia), it is important to understand how the brain works. What is the purpose of your brain? The brain controls and coordinates actions and reactions that allow us to think and feel and enables us to have memories and feelings—all the things that make us human.

Today’s episode is with Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D.,ABPP, President and Founder of the Brain Health Center, Inc., Clinical Neuropsychologist, and Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He is board certified in Clinical Psychology and Geropsychology with specialization in Neuropsychology, aging, brain health and brain health lifestyle. He maintains a private practice in Pittsburgh where he conducts independent neuropsychological exams, record reviews, depositions, and courtroom testimony.

He maintains an active consulting business in Naples, Florida, which consists of serving as a face, an identity of brain health for companies and providing clinical programmatic training and strategic direction to senior living. He’s also a keynote speaker on the miracle of the brain and brain health across the lifespan to education, business, financial, health care, religion, and professional organizations.

Please join me and Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D.,ABPP, Neuropsychologist, Consultant, and Keynoter. Hear him share his thoughts on behavioral acuity, and the importance of a healthy brain lifestyle across your lifespan from a neuropsychologist’s point of view.

Learn more about memory loss and behavioral acuity and why we should bridge psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychologists, social workers, and bring them on board and over into senior living facilities.

Dr. Nussbaum is Board Certified in Clinical and Geropsychology with specialization in Neuropsychology, aging, brain health, and brain health lifestyle®. He maintains a Private Practice in Pittsburgh where he conducts Independent Neuropsychological and Psychological Exams, Record Reviews, Deposition and courtroom testimony. Licensed in PA and FL.

Dr. Nussbaum maintains an active Consultant Business from his office in Naples. This includes:

Serving as the face and identity of Brain Health for companies.
Providing clinical, programmatic, training, and strategic direction to Senior Living.
Assisting start up companies in digital and mobile brain health.
Neuroscienttific and behavioral consultant to wealth managers
Providing expert advice to VC investors

Keynoter on the miracle of the brain and brain health across the lifespan to education, business, financial, healthcare, religion, and professional organizations.

Contact Dr. Nussbaum today (724) 719-2833 to discuss how he may assist you personally, your organization, or your business. Email is and website is

You can follow Paul on LinkedIn at


Independent Medical (Neuropsychological and Psychological) Exams and forensic psychology


Healthcare and Wellness
Senior Living
Wealth Management
VC and Investment Firms
Digital/Mobile Health
Education System
Brain Health Industry

KEYNOTER on Brain Health Lifestyle®

LIFE CADDIE for Personal Guidance

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