Hanh Brown – Metaverse & Older Adults: 10 Things You Need to Know

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Hanh Brown - Metaverse and Older Adults - 10 Things You Need to Know
Hanh Brown - Metaverse and Older Adults - 10 Things You Need to Know
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H. Brown
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Hanh Brown - Metaverse and Older Adults - 10 Things You Need to Know
Hanh Brown – Metaverse & Older Adults – 10 Things You Need to Know

In this episode 3, of our 3-part series, we’ll be talking about Metaverse – a new kind of digital platform that’s perfect for older adults!

We’ll discuss 10 things you need to know about Metaverse before you decide whether it’s the right platform for you. We’ll also give you an overview of the features and capabilities of Metaverse, so you can decide if it’s the right tool for your needs.

Metaverse is a new platform perfect for older adults who want to stay connected and engaged with the world. If you’re an older adult who wants to stay connected and stay active in the world, then Metaverse is the platform for you!

In recent years, older adults have increasingly been turning to the internet and social media to stay connected with friends and family. This trend is also evident in older adults using “metaverse” platforms, so it’s important to understand how they use and interact with the online world.

A metaverse is a virtual world that people can explore and interact with using avatars, or digital representations of themselves. Older adults are increasingly using metaverses for socializing, entertainment, and even business.

Living in a metaverse has many potential benefits, including the ability to socialize, stay active and engaged, and access new experiences.

However, there are also some risks and challenges that older adults need to be aware of. These include the potential for isolation, addiction, and scams.

Older adults will also need to take some precautions when using the metaverse, such as being mindful of their physical activity level and staying within their comfort levels.

With proper training and support, however, older adults can play a vital role in shaping the future of this exciting new world.

Topics I will discuss in this episode include:

✅ What do older adults think about living in a metaverse?
✅ What are the pros and cons of living in a metaverse for older adults?
✅ How will older adults’ social lives be affected by the introduction of a metaverse?
✅ What impact will a metaverse have on older adults’ mental health?
✅ How will older adults’ cognitive abilities be impacted by the metaverse?
✅ How will older adults’ physical health be affected by living in a metaverse?
✅ What precautions will older adults need to take when using a metaverse?
✅ What kind of training will older adults need to use the metaverse effectively?
✅ What advice would experts give to older adults who are considering living in a metaverse?
✅ What role will older adults play in shaping the future of the metaverse?

For older adults, the allure of Metaverse may be its promise to create social interactions that feel more natural and authentic than those afforded by other digital platforms.

In a world where genuine human connection is increasingly hard to come by, VR-based social networks like Metaverse offer a compelling solution. What do you think? Will you be trying out Metaverse or another VR-based social platform?

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Hi, I’m Hanh Brown, and thank you so much for joining us today, focusing on the importance of serving older adults. Well, we’ve had such a great response from every corner of the globe, and I’d like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for each and every one of you who has taken their time out of your busy schedules to be here with us today. It’s so important that we come together as a collective community and share our knowledge and experiences when it comes to understanding how best to serve this incredibly important demographic. So, that being said, what interests you about this topic? Maybe it’s something personal, such as an experience with one or more family members, or friends perhaps, or it could be something related to your profession, or maybe it’s simply because you recognize the need for greater awareness around senior care services and want to contribute in some way. As the world becomes more and more digitized, it’s clear that we need new tools to support and enhance communication and collaboration, and that’s exactly what Metaverse does. Well, think about it. The Metaverse is a virtual space where users can interact in 3D environments just like the real world. It’s immersive and interactive, and it’s going to change the way we think about socializing and interacting with one another.

And that’s especially true for some seniors. The Metaverse revolutionizes how seniors interact with each other by allowing them to stay socially active no matter where they are or what their physical condition is. With the Metaverse, seniors can stay connected to their friends and loved ones even if they can’t leave their homes. It’s a future of communication and collaboration, and it’s going to change the game for seniors. Today’s topic is Older Adults and Metaverse, 10 Things You Need to Know. Topic 1. What is Metaverse and how does it differ from social media and chat room? Topic 2. What activities and experiences can older adults have in the Metaverse? Topic 3. What are the pros and cons of living in a Metaverse for older adults? Topic 4. What safety measures should be taken when older adults use Metaverse? Topic 5. How will older adults’ social lives be affected by the introduction of Metaverse? Topic 6. What effect does Metaverse platforms have on a senior’s physical and mental health? Topic 7.

How can Metaverse systems be designed to better serve the needs of older adults? Topic 8. How can governments and organizations use Metaverse to promote healthy lifestyle among seniors? Topic 9. What role will older adults play in shaping the future of Metaverse? Topic 10. How can sales and marketing automation be used to target and reach older adult consumers? So let’s go to Topic 1. What is Metaverse and how does it differ from social media and chat rooms? Well, the Metaverse is a virtual space that allows people to interact with each other in a 3D environment, similar to the real world. It’s different from social media and chat rooms because it offers a more immersive and interactive experience. Users can create avatars, use gestures and expressions, and engage in activities like gaming or attending virtual classes. The Metaverse also allows for more people to join the conversation at any time, making it easy to connect with a diverse group of people. So it’s becoming increasingly popular as a unique way for people to connect and express themselves.

The Metaverse also offers a level of scalability and accessibility that is unmatched by traditional social media and chat room platforms. Well, with the use of virtual reality technology, users can experience the Metaverse from anywhere, regardless of their physical location. The Metaverse also offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses and organizations. It can be used for virtual events, product demonstrations, and even employee training. With the ability to create custom environments and avatars, businesses can create a unique and personalized experience for their customers and employees. So it’s not just social media and chat rooms, it’s a whole new level of digital interaction. It’s a virtual world where you can create your own avatar and interact with others in real time. So imagine a place where you can attend virtual classes, hold meetings, business meetings, and even play games with other people, all in a 3D immersive environment. It’s not just about sharing photos or text-based updates like on social media, it’s about actually experiencing things together. And the best part? You can express yourself freely using gestures, facial expressions, and emotions, unlike in traditional chat rooms. The Metaverse is the future of digital communication, and it’s worth keeping an eye on. Topic 2.

So what activities and experiences can older adults have in the Metaverse? Well, with the event of virtual worlds, it’s now possible to experience activities and experiences without ever leaving your living room. The Metaverse is filled with a wide range of possibilities for everyone, but particularly those who are older adults. Well here are some ideas for how you can explore the world without leaving your home. Socialize with family and friends. Well nothing beats being able to catch up with your loved ones from the comfort of your own home. You can chat, video call, or even share photos and videos in real time. Take online classes or learn new skills. It’s a great way to stay sharp and mentally active by taking online classes or learning a new skill. There are a variety of options available, from language courses to program tutorials to art classes. Play games with others from around the world. Games are an excellent way to pass the time while also connecting with people from all over the world who share similar interests as you do. Shop for clothes, furniture, and other items without leaving your home. Shopping in the Metaverse is an easy way to get what you need without having to leave

your house or wait in line at the store. And virtual stores offer discounts and deals that aren’t available in physical stores. Travel to new and interesting places without ever leaving your chair. One of the beautiful things about virtual worlds is that you can travel anywhere. No passport or plane ticket required. Visit famous landmarks or explore uncharted territory. The possibilities are endless. You can also attend concerts, plays, and other live events without having to leave your living room. But don’t miss out on any of the best performances around by attending live shows from your living room. Whether it’s a Broadway show or a rock concert, there’s something for everyone in the Metaverse. You can also meet new people and make new friends from all over the world. Expand your social circle beyond just those in the immediate vicinity by making friends all over the world through shared interests. You can also serve as a mentor or tutor to people who are just starting out in the Metaverse. You can help others navigate this brave new world by becoming their mentor or tutor. You can also participate in volunteer work that is important to you. Use your free time productively by participating in volunteer work that aligns with what matters to you the most.

The Metaverse has opened up the entire realm of possibilities for older adults who want an adventure right at their fingertips. From socializing online with family and friends to taking online classes and learning new skills, there’s something for everyone out there waiting for them in this brave new digital era. We are so grateful to have you join us today discussing the Metaverse and older adults. Topic 3. So what are the pros and cons of living in the Metaverse for older adults? Well, let’s go through the pros. Well, the pros of living in Metaverse for older adults are numerous. For example, increased social interaction can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness while providing more opportunities to stay connected with friends and family. Participating in the variety of activities in the Metaverse can help stimulate personal growth and learning and give seniors a chance to explore new hobbies or interests. Also, meeting new people from all over the world can be exciting and offer an opportunity for cultural exchange. Living in the virtual environment could also mean reduced living expenses since seniors will not have to worry about housing costs or other necessities associated with traditional living arrangements. Providing medical care and support services within the Metaverse can be easier than navigating the physical world where transportation or other logistical issues may arise.

So ultimately, living in the Metaverse could provide increased independence and control over one’s life, allowing seniors to make decisions that best fit their needs without having to worry about external factors like distance or cost. Well, there is potential for seniors who live in the Metaverse to enjoy more freedom, better health outcomes, lower expenses, and greater satisfaction in their day-to-day lives than they would otherwise experience in reality. Well, here are some cons. Well, the Metaverse can be a double-edged sword for older adults as there are both advantages and disadvantages to this virtual world. The advantages include staying connected like I mentioned, meeting new people from all over the world. Now, there are some drawbacks that should not be overlooked when considering living in the Metaverse. Well, some drawbacks are loneliness. Many Metaverses are filled with younger gamers and people who are more interested in gaming and socializing than engaging in meaningful conversations or activities. These younger folks may not always understand or care about the older folks, what they have to say, leading the older folks’ feelings of isolation and loneliness. Another component, social isolation and mental health. Well, living in the Metaverse can encourage social isolation from the real world, leading

to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Older adults may find themselves spending less time interacting with real people outside of their home and instead preferring to spend their time inside the virtual world. Well, this can be particularly detrimental if they have no one else around to talk with or share experiences on a daily basis. Health risks. Well, spending too much time in the virtual world can have health risks such as eye strain, back and posture strain, and an increased risk of obesity due to lack of physical activity. Also, spending too much time alone without proper nutrition increases the risk of developing various illnesses or disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, which could further impede one’s ability to interact with others effectively. Difficulty interacting with the environment. Well, older adults may have trouble using the Metaverse for a variety of reasons, one of which is difficulty interacting with the virtual environment. The virtual world of the Metaverse can be challenging for some seniors to navigate, particularly for those who have difficulty with fine motor skills or vision impairment. For example, seniors wear glasses may find it difficult to use the Metaverse as they cannot wear glasses in a virtual world. Conditions like presbyopia, which is a common age-related condition that causes difficulty in focusing on close objects, can make it difficult for seniors to interact with objects

like avatars in the virtual environment. Vision impairment can make it difficult for older adults to interact with the virtual environment and other avatars. Vertical can make it challenging for seniors to navigate 3D space, which could lead to false and serious injuries. Well, older adults may feel anxious about using the computer or smartphone to interact with the virtual world due to lack of experience or comfort with technology. Difficulty communicating with others who do not speak the same language can make it challenging for seniors to fully participate in the Metaverse. Age-related conditions like macular degeneration can be exasperated by activities in the virtual world, which can cause discomfort or further vision loss. Conditions used by seniors can cause dizziness or vertigo, making the virtual reality headsets unsafe to use. Topic 4. So what safety measures should be taken when older adults use the Metaverse? Well, safety measures should be taken when older adults use the Metaverse as they are more likely to fall victim of cybercrime due to their lack of knowledge or understanding of cybersecurity. To protect them from potential threats, well, here are some key safety tips for seniors when accessing the Metaverse.

Install advanced security software that can detect and remove malicious scripts, malware, and viruses. Well, make sure to update it regularly so that the software is equipped with the latest security technologies. Protect all online data transmissions using a secure protocol such as HTTPS so that any information sent over the internet is encrypted and protected from prying eyes. Create strong passwords for each account and never share them with anyone else. Passwords should consist of a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in order to be difficult to guess or crack. It’s recommended that a password are changed periodically in order to increase their level of security. Be aware of phishing scams that target older adults, which look like legitimate emails from banks or other organizations but can contain malicious links or attachments used by scammers to steal personal information and login credentials. Many instances of phishing scams involve requests for financial transactions, such as wire transfers, which should always be treated with caution before taking any action. Check for updates on all devices being used for access into the Metaverse. This includes computers, tablets, phones, and other connected devices since outdated versions may be vulnerable to security risks like exploitation by hackers or viruses from malicious websites or apps.

Always log out after using an online account on computers located in public areas such as libraries, internet cafes, even if the computer password is protected. Remember to take regular breaks from spending extended periods of time on the Metaverse. Too much exposure can lead to eye strain and fatigue, which can put seniors at risk for health issues related to prolonged use of technology devices, which could lead to headaches, neck pain, or cause poor posture while sitting in front of a computer screen for extended periods of time. Topic 5. How will older adults socialize be affected by the introduction of the Metaverse? The introduction of the Metaverse is going to revolutionize the way older adults interact with the world around them. It’s going to change the way how they live and it’s going to change it in a big way. Well think about it. The Metaverse gives seniors access to virtual world where they can connect with others from all over the globe. They can join virtual classes, attend virtual events, and join online communities all from the comfort of their own home. This eliminates the need for transportation, eliminates the need to deal with unfamiliar places or people, and opens up a whole new world of opportunities for social interaction. But it’s not just about convenience, it’s also about the technology itself. With the Metaverse, seniors have access to tools that allow them to customize their interactions

based on their own needs or preferences, larger text sizes for better readability, speech recognition capabilities for those with hearing impairments. The list goes on and on and let’s not forget the sense of immediacy and presence that the digital conversations offer. Imagine being able to stay connected with family members who live far away and remain in close touch with friends even if they’re not physically present. That’s the kind of technology that we’re talking about. The Metaverse is going to give older adults a newfound sense of autonomy and freedom compared to what is available in the physical world today. It’s going to give them an immersive 3D environment where they can meet new people and explore new interests. It’s going to provide them with a more enjoyable experience overall and that is something that’s going to have a hugely positive impact on the social lives going forward. So this technology is the future and it’s going to change the way we interact in the world. But we are grateful for those who have joined us to discuss the topic of Metaverse and older From conversations to health checkups, from social activities and educational courses, technology has the potential to transform our lives in many ways. It’s an exciting opportunity to explore these possibilities with you and thank you so much for being here. Topic 6.

So what effect does the Metaverse platform have on seniors’ physical and mental health? Well, increased social interaction. The Metaverse provides a space for seniors to interact with others in a way that is stimulating and satisfying, decreasing the likelihood of social isolation, enhanced mental health. Well, through participating in the Metaverse activities, seniors are able to improve cognitive function and memory recall, as well as reducing the risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, greater feelings of self-worth and purpose. By taking on new roles and tasks in the Metaverse, seniors are able to feel a sense of accomplishment to contribute value to society. Increased independence. Through using virtual reality technology, many everyday tasks that were once difficult or impossible for seniors can now be completed independently. More communication skills. Due to the nature of online interactions, seniors often have to learn how to communicate more effectively in order to get their points across. Improved vision and hearing. Well, due to the increased use of 3D graphics and sounds within the Metaverse environments, many seniors experience improved vision and hearing acuity. Broader worldviews. Exposure to different cultures and lifestyles within the Metaverse can lead many seniors

to develop a more global perspective on life. More informed decision making. Well, as participants in the Metaverse communities, elders are often privy to information that they would not normally have access to offline. Reduced stress level. Many seniors suffer from high levels of stress, which can lead to a variety of health problems. The Metaverse has been shown to help reduce stress levels, leading to improved mental and physical health. Increased social interaction. Well, one of the main benefits of the Metaverse is that it allows seniors to interact with others their own age, which can be beneficial for both mental and physical health. Topic 7. How can Metaverse systems be designed to better serve the needs of older adults? Well, first, design the Metaverse systems that are easy and intuitive to use with straightforward navigation and a variety of user-friendly features. Simple commands and clear instructions should be provided throughout the system in order to help older adults better interact with the environment. Second, incorporate multiple layers of security protection in the Metaverse system in order to ensure that older adults’ personal information remains safe from malicious actors. This could include two-factor authentication, encryption for data and communications, and

other measures designed to protect users’ privacy and security online. Third, develop a robust set of tools that allow older adults to customize their avatars and worlds according to their individual tastes, needs, and interests. For example, users might be able to upload images or textures for their avatar skin or clothing, choose from a variety of hairstyles, select different eye shapes, design buildings or landscapes, choose different colors and schemes, or create unique animations or gestures for their avatars. Fourth, ensure the availability of assistance when needed, whether it’s through automated tutorials, customer service representatives, or chat, phone, or knowledgeable personnel available during the virtual events or activities in order to provide support when required by the older adult users. Five, allow users to participate in various activities within the Metaverse system, such as gaming tournaments, meetups with other users around the world, similar to meetups, virtual shopping experiences, educational classes, forums, and seminars, travel opportunities, virtual sightseeing tours, all tailored for older adults’ audience so that they can take advantage of them without feeling overwhelmed by unfamiliar technology trends or new gadgets. Six, provide social interaction capabilities within the Metaverse system, such as group chat with text messages and audio-video calls so that older adults can stay connected with family members or acquaintances, regardless of where they live in the world, while never leaving the comfort of their home.

Seven, enable cross-platform compatibility so that older adults can access their avatars and environments across many different devices if they wish, such as smartphones, tablet computers, without needing any additional hardware installations, nor software downloads, updates whenever possible. Eight, utilize advanced artificial intelligence algorithms so that interactions between users feel more natural by recognizing voice commands and facial expressions, as well as allowing customized conversations based on user preferences rather than predetermined canned responses offered by bots that’s found everywhere on the web today. Nine, make sure that the Metaverse system has strong safety measures in place to protect older users from cybercrime. Verify the identity of users before allowing them to access certain areas of Metaverse to prevent fraud and scamming. Provide anonymous reporting systems so that users can report suspicious activities without fear of retaliation. Ten, make sure that everything in the virtual world is updated and works well, including the images and sounds. Keep the servers that run the virtual world safe by fixing any problems quickly and very frequently. This will protect everyone’s information from the bad people who want to cause harm. Well, we believe that this discussion is very important as we work to improve the quality

of life for seniors through the use of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, nanotechnology, and other emerging Metaverse technologies. It’s a complex arena with numerous opportunities as well as numerous challenges. Topic 8. How can governments and organizations use Metaverse to promote healthy lifestyle among seniors? Well, I can see the potential for Metaverse to revolutionize the way governments and organizations to promote healthy lifestyle among seniors. By providing immersive opportunities for engagement, educational resources, and specialized care, Metaverse can empower older adults to take control of their health and well-being. Governments and organizations can use Metaverse to provide virtual exercise classes, educational seminars, and even virtual tours of retirement homes or assisted living communities. This allows seniors to explore their options and connect with others interested in positive aging, reducing feelings of isolation. Metaverse can also be used as a tool to educate seniors about healthy aging through interactive tutorials, ebooks, articles, videos on various topics such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and disease prevention. The virtual reality technology can be used to introduce safe yet challenging physical activities for seniors who are unable to do certain exercises due to health or mobility issues.

Metaverse can also provide cognitive stimulation through games, puzzles, and learning activities to help keep older adults’ minds sharp. While remote health monitoring through sensors embedded in wearable devices can be used to keep an eye on vital signs without the need for in-person appointments, virtual hospitals can provide access to specialized care from experts across the country for older adults living in remote areas or with limited mobility. The Metaverse can be used by senior centers to connect residents with loved ones living far away and maintain social connections while following social distance protocol. Governments can support local businesses by creating virtual shopping destinations within the Metaverse that offer discounts for seniors promoting economic opportunities for small businesses. Remote voting through Metaverse can make it easier for seniors who have difficulty getting out to vote. Overall, the Metaverse offers a range of opportunities for governments and organizations to support the health and well-being of older adults and help them stay active, engaged, and connected. Topic 9. What role will older adults play in shaping the future of the Metaverse? The future of the Metaverse is in the hands of older adults. They bring with them a wealth of experience and wisdom and it’s time for them to step up and shape virtual world to meet the needs of their generation.

They need to be vocal and advocate for better representation and inclusion of seniors in the virtual world and actively engage with each other. These seniors also have a unique perspective that businesses can tap into their market products and services while promoting positive aging in the virtual world. So it’s not just about representation, it’s also about education. Older adults can collaborate with educators to develop curriculum around using virtual worlds for learning and assist in designing these platforms to be more senior-friendly. By connecting with other older adults who share an interest in the virtual world, they can foster relationships and form senior-only groups or activities within the platform. And let’s not forget about research. Older adults can support studies on aging and technology and investigate how virtual reality can be used as a therapeutic tool for treating symptoms such as depression or anxiety among elderly population. So the bottom line is older adults have a vital role in shaping the future of the Metaverse and it’s time for them to step up and make it happen. Topic 10. So how can sales and marketing automation be used to target and reach older adult consumers? Well automation can be used to track customer behavior and preferences and then use that data to create more effective marketing campaigns that target older adults’ specific interests and needs.

So companies can also use automation to send out reminders and follow-up messages to the senior consumers which can increase the chances of them making a purchase. Automation can be used to create targeted ads that reach older consumers on social media platforms where they can spend a significant amount of time. So businesses can use automation to create targeted landing pages that are specifically designed to appeal to older adults with larger text or simple navigation. Automation can be used to reach out to senior consumers through various communication channels like email, SMS, social media, allowing them to choose the one that they prefer. So companies can also use automation to create chatbots that are specifically designed to help older adults navigate the Metaverse and answer any questions they might have. Automation can be used to create personalized recommendations for senior consumers based on their browsing and purchase history. Well as a business owner, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and understand how to effectively target and reach senior consumers. Well, sales and marketing automation is the key. With automation tools, you can segment your customer base by age and get a better understanding of their needs of the senior consumers. And by sending automated personalized emails tailored specifically for senior consumers, you’ll increase engagement, build trust, and encourage loyalty. But that’s not all.

Automation also allows you to offer special incentives to senior consumers to attract them and encourage them to purchase from your company. And you can use the data collected through automation to create targeted campaigns that resonate with these senior consumers. And by understanding how seniors interact with this technology and what products that they prefer, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and better market to them. Plus, automation helps you stay on top of customer feedback and make necessary adjustments. It streamlines communication and allows you to respond quickly to customer requests and questions. So overall, sales and marketing automation is a game changer for reaching and understanding senior consumers. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. So the metaverse is a game changer for seniors. It’s a virtual space that eliminates physical barriers, making it easier for older adults to connect and engage with each other. This technology is a lifesaver for seniors who are looking for ways to stay active and socially connected without compromising their safety or comfort. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the metaverse is going to become even more important.

So it’s going to be a key tool in helping seniors stay connected, engaged, active in a way that’s never been possible before. So if you’re a business looking to target senior consumers, pay attention to the metaverse. I think that’s where they’re going to be. And if you want to reach out to them, you’ve got to make sure that you’re in that space too. In order for businesses to truly take advantage of the metaverse and reach senior consumers, they need to have the right tools in place. So that’s where sales and marketing automation comes in. It allows companies to segment their customer base according to age and send personalized messages that are tailored specifically for senior consumers. It also enables businesses to give special incentives to senior consumers, create targeted campaigns that resonate with the senior demographic, and also monitor customer feedback to make adjustments accordingly. So in short, sales and marketing automation is a must for businesses looking to reach senior consumers in the metaverse. It’s important to understand their needs and providing them with the personalized experiences that they create. So with these tools in place, businesses can build trust and encourage loyalty among senior consumers, helping them to ensure that the metaverse is a place where everyone can thrive.

Thank you so much for joining me today. And if you have any questions, please reach out.

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