Giulio Maria Pasinetti – Aging Is Inevitable. But Biological Aging? That’s Optional.

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Giulio Maria Pasinetti - Aging Is Inevitable. But Biological Aging That's Optional.
Giulio Maria Pasinetti – Aging Is Inevitable. But Biological Aging That’s Optional.

For thousands of years, humans have been aging. And as our technology has progressed, so has our understanding of aging. We now know that while chronological aging is inevitable, biological aging is not. That’s why it’s so important to understand the biology of aging. We can reduce our risk factors for disease and improve our quality of life by making conscious choices about how we live our lives.

When you hear that the baby boomer generation is getting older and people are living longer than ever before, what does that mean for us? Well, the definition of “aging successfully” is up for debate. Some people think that baby boomers have taken advantage of the system and should retire earlier.

Others argue that we need to find a way to financially support older adults who are unable to work. There are also concerns about whether or not the healthcare system can handle an aging population. Many baby boomers are choosing to stay active and healthy well into their golden years. So, it’s important to remember that each person’s experience with aging is unique. We should all be prepared for the challenges and opportunities that come with growing old.

Will baby boomers be the last generation to experience successful aging? Or will millennials and Generation X continue to enjoy good health into their golden years? Only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure: the science of aging is constantly evolving, and we’re only getting better at fighting the effects of age-related disease.

No matter what the future holds, we should all strive to age gracefully and with dignity.

Joining me today is DR. GIULIO MARIA PASINETTI, MD, Ph.D. He is a world-renowned expert on aging and Alzheimer’s disease. He has dedicated his life to understanding the root causes of brain disorders. By developing model systems of brain disorders, he has been able to clarify their underlying mechanisms and develop preventative and therapeutic approaches for neurological disorders. This research has earned him a strong record of successful and productive endeavors.

He is currently the Saunders Family Chair and Professor of Neurology at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, as well as the Director of the Basic and Biomedical Research and Training Program of the James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

You can find Dr. Pasinetti on these platforms:

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