Craig D. Hanson – A New Kind of Senior Living and How It’s Changing the Lives of Seniors

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Craig D. Hanson - A New Kind of Senior Living and How It's Changing the Lives of Seniors
Craig D. Hanson – A New Kind of Senior Living and How It’s Changing the Lives of Seniors

As our population ages, it’s more important than ever to consider the impact of active aging, brain health, senior living, and affordable housing on the aging population.

Active aging is a lifestyle approach that emphasizes involvement in physical, social, and cognitive activities in order to maintain independence and vitality as we age. Brain health is essential for maintaining cognitive function and deferring and maybe preventing dementia.

Senior living options can provide a supportive environment for seniors who wish to remain independent and active. Affordable housing is an essential issue for seniors who may be on a fixed income or have medical expenses.

By understanding the impact of these issues on the aging population, we can ensure that our seniors have the best possible quality of life.

Today my guest is Craig Hanson, a visionary leader who implements sound strategy and corporate culture. He intuitively perceives opportunities in an organization, weaves them into a coherent whole, and pushes culture and strategy to produce business benefits. Focusing on innovative service and value development, he knows a firm is only as good as its employees. He’s attracted and retained top industry talent at all levels by creating a respected, challenging, invested-in, empowered, and accountable work environment.

His father, a 1976 Weigand-Omega Management founder, taught him business and principles.  He then founded Omega Senior Living, a senior living management company. VitalCore Health Strategies focuses on improving population health.

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